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My Journey

First and before all I was a dancer.
Dancing and motion were my whole world.
Back and forth from Studio to Home…For years.

In time, my life welcomed more passions.
Chinese and eastern philosophy,
I studied photography, made art,
but most of all I DANCED.

And then, a big change evolved.
Entering the world of FASHION hard core.
Exciting, emotional, fun and at times… Stressful…
Many years till this very day.

A state of “All or Nothing” translated to abandoning the rest.
For a while there I forgot my first love, my body and motion.

Until YOGA
A huge and comforting new kind of love.
While my body is remembering and naturally welcoming the movement, I experience a sense of happiness that is hard to put in words.

Yoga is about self practice, for me, with myself, my rhythm.
In yoga we work, we sweat, we breathe Ujjayi, 
conscious breathing that accompanies the movement.
Inhale exhale

And then, the end of the practice comes with the words:
“cover your body….
This is the moment to relax, body and mind, no movement, no thoughts,
just lay there and…BE.

My Yoga Muslin Blanket
Was born for that very moment,
When it is time to lay relaxed, to rest softly.
Breathing inhale exhale.

With love. Martine❤️

Martine - inhale exhale
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