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Colors of Nature

They say that each one of us has its own dominant nature element in our personality and Soul: EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER - the essential elements of life.

When practicing Yoga, I’m empowering my strong element but also focusing on creating a balance with what I feel is missing…

A palette of 14 colors of nature was created for my Yoga blankets. Choose the color that empowers you:


Olive & Green-Grey

Strongly associated with nature.

Makes you feel down to Earth, refreshing, optimistic and tranquil.


The color of relaxation.

Relaxes the mind and body. 


Nude & Powder 

Makes you feel playful and romantic.

Represents femininity, sensitivity and tenderness. 



Evokes power and strength 

It’s bold, powerful and is often used to evoke mystery. 




The most neutral color of all.

Convey a sense of purity, cleanliness and peacefulness.


Grey & Light grey 

Feels serious and mature, safe and quiet 


Hamra & Terracotta 

Hot red with a touch of muddy brown.

Makes you feel passionate and energized.



Spice bright yellow colour.

Enhances a feeling of vitality and happiness. 




Evokes feelings of calmness, balance and spirituality 

security and trust. 



Cool and refreshing 

Relaxing, quiet and cozy

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